What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea

sleepapneaIf you have never heard of sleep apnea but you identify as a loud snorer and have been feeling exhausted on a regular basis, it’s time you learn more. Also known as OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) to differentiate it from another neurological form, this sleep disorder can have a significantly negative effect on your daily life as well as your long-term comfort. Fortunately, by learning more about symptoms and bringing up the ones that bother you during your next visit, we can quickly diagnose you and offer effective sleep apnea treatment to guide you back toward steady rest and comfort.

What’s Happening To You

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you are waking up during the night. You may not even realize you are waking up during sleep because the event happens so quickly. The disorder is characterized by the over-relaxing of your throat muscles, which support your throat tissues. When the muscles relax completely, the tissues in your throat collapse, making it impossible for you to breathe. Your brain notices it is deprived of oxygen and alerts to you wake up and breathe. The result? You wake up and gasp for air. The event often takes place multiple times every hour.

Symptoms to Look For

Some patients are lucky – their significant other hears them, wakes up, and lets them know they wake up each night choking and gasping. However, if you do not have a firsthand account from a witness, you may need to rely on the following symptoms for a diagnosis:

  • You are an excessive snorer
  • You feel exhausted during the day even though you are certain you slept through the night
  • You are having trouble paying attention and concentrating
  • Your throat hurts when you wake up, your mouth feels dry, and/or you suffer from headaches

Why You Need Treatment

Sleep apnea will continue to cause you to feel exhausted every day. Rather than deal with the long-term discomfort as well as the mental and emotional toll it may take on your life, consider sleep apnea treatment. We will offer you a noninvasive solution with a comfortable oral appliance. You will wear the mouth guard while you sleep to gently adjust your jaw so your airways remain open.


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