What’s That Sore?

womanwonderingroseNobody likes dealing with oral sores. They can be uncomfortable, they can get in the way while you eat and speak, and they can cause some alarm. First, remember that if you’re ever unsure about what’s happening with your oral health, it’s always best to let us know. We will schedule a checkup with you to determine whether you are in need of treatment or if everything’s just fine. As for having a general idea of what might be going on with your mouth when it happens, consider a few common sores and what to expect.

Canker Sores

A sore that is completely benign is the canker sore. It’s not an oral health problem, though it may be something you’re not too thrilled about once it arrives. The good news is that all you need is time while it heals up all on its own. You’ll know this type of sore by the following: It’s a shallow, open, white-ish or yellow-ish ulcer that occurs in your mouth’s soft tissue.

Cold Sores

A cold sore (also called a fever blister or oral herpes) is a contagious virus that you can spread from one person to another. You can apply treatment to help it clear more quickly. You will know a cold sore by its characteristics, including: They will generally occur on your lips as fluid-filled blisters – the sores often occur in clusters.

Oral Cancer Sores

In the event that oral cancer affects your oral health, you may or may not experience discomfort. This is why we suggest you keep up with six-month checkups with us – if anything changes, we can detect abnormalities in the lining of your mouth long before they present symptoms in most cases. However, if you notice sores that don’t go away, a lump, uncomfortable sores, or sores or patches that appear white or red, give us a call.

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