When Do You Suggest A Composite Filling?

toothsilverquestionHave you been hearing mixed reviews from different people about whether a composite filling is better than a metal filling? Perhaps you are not sure whether you need to seek out different options or if a white filling is always an appropriate choice. Rather than continue debating this with yourself or amongst your friends, we suggest that you ask us (the experts, of course) about this topic. To set the record straight: If you are suffering from tooth decay, we will always recommend composite over metal. Allow us to explain why.

When Do You Suggest It Over Metal?

We always suggest composite over metal because it offers many benefits and because it is free of toxic traces of mercury found in amalgam fillings. Let’s provide you with a quick rundown of the general benefits associated with composite fillings, so you gain a better grasp:

  • Composite does not result in sensitivity related to hot and cold like metal
  • A white filling is going to look natural and beautiful because we match it to the shade of your tooth
  • Composite does not shrink and expand, so it may last for many years

When Is Composite Absolutely Necessary?

In some instances, offering composite fillings to our patients is a matter of necessity rather than choice. If you are pregnant, for instance, you will not qualify for a metal filling because the mercury is potentially harmful to an unborn baby. The risk is also valid for very young children. Beyond the toxicity is the fact that some patients are either very sensitive to or allergic to metal. As a result, metal-free composite offers a wonderful alternative.


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