When Should I Contact You?

telephoneturquoiseDepending on your particular experience, you may not know when it’s best to contact us for dental care. For instance, if you are in considerable discomfort, you may think it’s appropriate to call us for an emergency dentistry visit (but then you may worry your problem isn’t severe enough). You may notice something has changed with your smile (but then you may wonder if you’re being overly cautious). To end any hesitation you are experiencing, we encourage you to learn more about when you should call us. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to call. To reassure you, we offer a few helpful details.

When Your Tooth Hurts

If your tooth hurts and the discomfort is bearable, contact us and let us know. We will schedule a visit for you as soon as possible, so we can determine what’s happening, offer a solution, and end your pain. In the meantime, you may take an over-the-counter analgesic to relieve discomfort.

When A Change Occurs (Like A Bump)

Did you notice a bump in your mouth? Does something look or feel different? For sudden changes like a bump or redness, you may wait 48 hours to see if the issue resolves on its own – if it does not, then call us for a dental care visit.

When It’s Urgent

If you’re experiencing discomfort, physical injury to your mouth, pain, or other changes that need immediate dental care, contact us right away for an emergency appointment. Remember that we will be glad to speak with you about what’s happening with your smile and then see you right away if necessary. For life-threatening emergencies, however, contact 911 or visit an emergency room.

When You Need A Checkup

We suggest you contact us for dental care as necessary to schedule your six-month visits.


At A Briter Smile Dental Group, our dentists strive to offer each patient individual care and access to high-quality, modern dentistry at an affordable price. If you would like to schedule a consultation, then call our Los Angeles, CA office today at (323) 255-8774. We proudly serve residents of Los Angeles, CA, as well as San Fernando, Pacoima, Granada Hills, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and all surrounding communities.