When Should You Start Worrying About a Toothache?

when should you start worrying about a toothacheA toothache is never fun, but if it isn’t severe, it might not be considered serious. The problem, though, is that if left alone, a toothache and whatever is causing it will grow worse.

As one of the more common dental symptoms, a toothache will affect most people at some point in their lives. What you do when it happens may help determine how extensively you will have to treat it.

The Common Causes of Toothaches

A tooth’s nerves are well protected within its inner chamber, known as the pulp. The pulp is located at the center of its main structure, dentin, which is protected by a highly-mineralized layer of enamel. When a tooth hurts, it is often because the enamel and/or dentin has been compromised, allowing the nerves to feel irritations to the tooth. This can be caused by;

  • Weakened enamel that exposes the more sensitive dentin
  • Damage to the tooth that directly exposes the pulp
  • Gum recession that leaves the tooth’s root exposed (the root is connected to the pulp, and is not protected by enamel
  • A cavity that destroys the enamel and dentin
  • Undue pressure on one or more teeth, such as that caused by impacted wisdom teeth

What Your Dentist Can Do to Relieve the Pain

Treating a toothache depends on its cause. If you have a cavity, then removing the infected tooth structure and replacing it with a tooth filling should relieve the discomfort. If the tooth is damaged, then a dental crown may protect its exposed tissues (though root canal treatment may be necessary if the damage is severe enough). If your tooth hurts, then schedule an examination as soon as possible to treat the issue before it grows worse.


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