White Fillings: Your Questions

toothquestionHave you recently discovered that you are suffering from tooth decay? While the word “decay” or “cavity” can certainly cause some patients to feel a bit upset, we encourage you to look on the bright side. Avoiding future cavities is simple to achieve by practicing excellent daily brushing and flossing – and visiting us for twice-annual cleanings. As for your current cavity, we can restore your tooth with a white filling. Wondering what you can expect from this restorative treatment? Allow us to answer your questions, so you know what to make of this beneficial solution.

Questions and Answers: White Fillings

Question: Why do you call it a white filling? Will the material blend with my smile or will it be obvious looking?

Answer: We use the word “white” because we tend to refer to our teeth as “white” even though they display varying shades. This is why you may also hear us call this restorative treatment a “tooth-colored filling.” The composite we use in the filling will blend with your tooth because we will customize its shade.

Question: Will you offer tooth-colored fillings to children or only to adults?

Answer: Fortunately, the composite used for white fillings is safe for most patients, including everyone from young children to adults. Since it is free of both mercury and metal, this type of filling is also safe for women who are pregnant, as well as people allergic to metal.

Question: Do these types of filling last a long time?

Answer: Fortunately, a white filling will last several years. Additionally, it requires us to remove a smaller amount of tooth tissue than metal fillings, which means your tooth may remain strong for a greater amount of time, as well.


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