Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can Be Complicated

When a tooth is severely damaged, consumed by infection, or impeding effective orthodontic treatment, it may require an extraction. In most cases, this may involve simply grasping the tooth with a dental instrument, gently working it loose, and then finally extracting it from its socket. In the case of wisdom teeth, however, extraction can sometimes prove more challenging.  When one becomes impacted, it can push against other teeth, preventing it from fully erupting through the gums, and extracting the wisdom tooth may require oral surgery.

Not Just an Ordinary Tooth

Wisdom teeth are the unofficial names for the last four molars to grow in a typical adult mouth, so named because they erupt between the ages of 17 and 25 (sometimes referred to as the age of wisdom). Frequently, there is little room on a patient’s dental ridge to accommodate these last molars, and wisdom teeth can become impacted by the teeth that are already present. As a result, wisdom teeth can often cause severe dental discomfort, and may continue damaging your teeth, gums, and jawbone if not removed promptly. Since removing a wisdom tooth may require accessing the tooth from underneath the gums, oral surgery may be required to successfully extract it without damaging surrounding teeth and oral structures.

To Extract or Not To Extract

Luckily, not every wisdom tooth is a challenge to remove. In fact, many wisdom teeth erupt fully from the gum line, even if they are crowded, and extracting them is a simple, noninvasive process. Some patients with fully erupted wisdom teeth may choose to remove them to avoid complications from crowding before they can develop. After a thorough and comprehensive examination, your dentist will consult with you to decide if a preemptive wisdom tooth extraction is advisable. If necessary, they can remove troublesome or potentially troublesome wisdom teeth using innovative techniques and technology that significantly minimize any discomfort during your procedure.


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