Why You Need Clear Braces

smileblondewhitebkgrndHave you been thinking about visiting us for orthodontic care because you are tired of feeling disappointed with your not-so-aligned smile? In addition to improving your alignment for the appearance of a uniform smile, we also address a variety of oral health concerns when we straighten your teeth. This is often helpful news for patients who wonder if this cosmetic treatment is really necessary or if it purely aesthetic in nature. Whatever your feelings, we encourage you to consider the many benefits of clear braces, beyond the obvious barely-visible appearance of the treatment that always makes patients smile.

Clear Braces Offer Comfort

Unlike metal braces, clear braces provide much more comfortable treatment. We rely on clear plastic aligner trays, rather than brackets and wires, to shift your teeth. They are smooth and will fit securely over your teeth, reducing your chance of experiencing irritation.

A Straighter Smile Improves Hygiene

A major health benefit of clear braces is that aligning your teeth will save you discomfort, tooth decay problems, and the need for additional care in the future. For example, open spaces in your smile may trap food and debris. Overlapping teeth may make it difficult to clean every surface of your teeth. By aligning your teeth, you can more easily practice effective brushing and flossing, which will help you win the fight against tooth decay and gum disease.

Aligning Teeth Prevents Jaw Stress and Teeth Grinding

When your teeth are poorly aligned – often called a “malocclusion” – you may suffer from a variety of concerns that can lead to long-term damage. Top and bottom teeth that align improperly may tap together or cause you to unintentionally grind your teeth, wearing down teeth surfaces. This may also cause TMJ disorder, a problem in which your jaw joints function poorly often as a result of stress. Aligning your teeth will prevent these problems, while protecting your overall oral health.


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