Why You Need Endodontics

toothhappythumbsupIn some cases, we may diagnose you with a concern that requires specialized care. For example, we will likely suggest endodontics if your tooth becomes infected. Not quite sure what this field of dentistry includes or why you need this treatment? We feel strongly that patients deserve to feel educated and clear on the reason behind our diagnoses and suggested treatment options. For a clearer understanding of this advanced restorative service, we encourage you to look over the following reasons you may be scheduling an appointment to see our endodontist:

You Need More Than General Dentistry

Within the field of general dentistry, we offer care that prevents and treats tooth decay, as well as care that restores your tooth and gum health from a variety of oral health issues. However, when your tooth, gums, or other supportive structures develop a serious problem – particularly one that threatens the health of your entire mouth – a specialist is often required for effective treatment. Endodontics treats your dental pulp – this is the tissue that lines the interior portion of your tooth, where living cells and connective tissue and blood vessels live. You may think of this area as your tooth’s life center.

Your Tooth Is Infected

Once your tooth becomes infected, you will typically need root canal treatment – this is one type of endodontic service that removes the infected dental pulp from your tooth. Because the problem will not heal on its own, you will need treatment as soon as possible. Neglecting endodontic care may result in the worsening of the infection, an abscess, and the spread of the infection throughout your mouth to healthy tissues.

Your Original Treatment Failed

Like any treatment, the first course of action may not always thoroughly solve your problem. If your root canal therapy does not completely address your infection because your tooth heals poorly, we may go back in with root canal re-treatment. We will target the cause of the improper healing to guide you back toward optimal oral health.


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