Why Your Smile Keeps Discoloring

questionmarkswhiteDo you feel like no matter what you do, you keep noticing that your smile seems to look more yellow as the months go by? Is this continuing to be a problem even after you have received teeth whitening to brighten your grin? The good news is that discoloration is not something you need to simply put up with or accept. By becoming aware of the issues that are leading to a yellowed or darkening smile, you can quickly make changes to your daily life that will promote a white smile that stays that way.

You Haven’t Given Up Tobacco

One of the easiest ways to stain your teeth is to expose them to tobacco. Whether you have received teeth whitening or not, your smile is susceptible to staining. From smoking to using chewing tobacco, this is a product that can quickly cause your teeth to discolor. Kick the habit to protect your smile from a long list of problems, including stained teeth, oral cancer, and even periodontal disease.

You Expose Your Smile To All-Day Staining

Do you drink coffee or tea? Do you drink it in the morning or do you sip on it throughout the day? Are you a huge fan of foods that happen to have staining properties? These might include berries, red wine, dark sauces, and even sports drinks. Fortunately, you can combat this issue easily. For existing stains, we suggest teeth whitening. To avoid stains in the future, we suggest rinsing your mouth after you consume these foods or beverages. Follow this up with a brushing session 30 minutes later.


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