Will Pumpkin Pie Benefit your Smile?

Pumpkin PieThis is the time of year when those Halloween jack-o-lanterns make way for fresh baked pumpkin pies for the Thanksgiving table. While pumpkins are a common staple filling for one of the most popular desserts on Thanksgiving, the vegetable is actually more versatile than just pies. Combining pumpkin with sugar is actually not so hot for teeth, but savory recipes for meals using pumpkin (such as ravioli, lasagna, and soups) are easy to find, and may really help your smile.

Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are grown and cultivated all over the world with the exception of Antarctica. The health benefits of the gourd have been known for a long time. While it can be difficult to procure fresh pumpkin flesh from the round orange member of the squash family, fortunately canned pumpkin is readily available at most grocery stores in America. Pumpkin as a regular part of your diet can strengthen your immune system thanks to hearty quantities of zinc. The mineral zinc can also help keep your teeth healthy and strong. Furthermore, having a balanced pH is becoming a big focus in regards to all aspects of overall health. Keeping your diet full of plant-based foods that are power-packed with nutrients, like the pumpkin, can help to achieve that underlying balance for greater oral and overall health.

Trim and Healthy

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, but those that you carve for Halloween are usually round and heavy. Surprisingly, pumpkin consumption can actually help you stay slim. Any food high in fiber will support weight loss by leading to a fuller feeling. Fiber also relieves constipation and bloating. A healthy weight can mean a healthy life, and pumpkins can combat hypertension issues thanks to high levels of potassium. Finally, high concentrations of beta carotene in pumpkin flesh may lower your risk for oral cancer. This has been shown to aid in the fight of certain types of cancer.

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