Winter Weather Got You Down?

wwDuring the cold, gloomy winter don’t you wish you were a cat? They seem so contented sleeping by the fireplace, on the window sill, or on your bed. In fact, no matter where they are sleeping they seem happy and contented. No tossing and turning, dreaming, etc. Wouldn’t you love to be able to lie around like that and sleep the winter away?  Cats sleep a lot. Have you ever wondered why they sleep so much? Maybe the winter weather has gotten them down.


Believe it or not cats are affected by the weather just as you are. Rainy, gloomy, cold, snowy weather makes them feel lethargic and sleepy too. The difference is, they can sleep but you have to work!

On an Average Day

On average, cats can sleep fifteen hours a day, more than a newborn baby. Some can sleep up to twenty hours in a twenty-four hour period.  The reason cats sleep so much is because they are hunters, and hunting takes large amounts of energy to stalk prey, pounce, and chase. Although your pet is domesticated, he or she still retains characteristics from his/her wild ancestors.

Crepuscular Cats

Another reason cats sleep all day is that they are nocturnal animals. They explore, hunt, and play at night and sleep during the day. However, domesticated cats tend to be more crepuscular than nocturnal. Crepuscular animals tend to be more active during the dawn and dusk. Domesticated cats also can adjust their schedules at will according to the routine of their humans. According to research studies, cats can choose to become “in sync” with the person that cares for them and will adjust their schedules to be with the humans they love.


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