Worried About Veneers? Don’t Be.

smileperfecteyebrowsWe often find that patients initially feel extremely excited about the benefits offered by porcelain veneers only to make a sudden 180. Feeling like you don’t know everything there is to know about a cosmetic treatment you have selected for your smile can cause a bit of momentary panic. Fortunately, we have the answers you seek to questions commonly asked by our patients. Whatever your concern, we would like you to feel confident, happy, and relaxed about improving the appearance of your smile. In addition to the following information, if you find you still have a question or two, please feel free to bring up your concerns at your next appointment.

Worry #1: “Veneers are made of porcelain, which can shatter.”

You can quickly say goodbye to this concern and hello to the wonderful durability offered by porcelain veneers. Though porcelain itself has the capacity to be quite fragile, the science behind the construction of veneers is where things become impressive. They are crafted out of super-thin layers of porcelain in a manner than mimics your natural tooth for superb strength, while offering long-lasting wear.

Worry #2: “My smile will look artificial with veneers.”

Much the opposite, in fact, this concern piggybacks on patients’ worries about durability. Give a little more attention to the construction of a veneer that we covered before. Just like your teeth are made up of many translucent tissue layers, porcelain veneers are crafted out of many translucent porcelain layers. The ceramic shell looks lifelike and similar to your own teeth for a natural, beautiful finish.

Worry #3: “I’m covering stains but now I have to worry about new stains.”

You will still need to brush your teeth twice a day – preferably with a soft-bristle head toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Oh, and flossing once is still a necessity. However, you will not need to worry about your practically flawless smile becoming stained. One of the wonderful benefits of porcelain veneers is their stain resistance, so you can enjoy your daily life like usual.


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