Your Questions: All About Dental Bridges

womanquestiongreenIf you have been walking around with an opening in your smile, you know firsthand that missing one tooth or a few teeth can have a severe impact on your daily comfort and life quality. Fortunately, we offer dental prosthetics to fill the space in your mouth, so you can enjoy a complete smile and a relaxed daily life. When it comes to identifying the prosthetic best suited to your needs, we encourage you to learn more about dental bridges. They provide a beautiful finish and will return you to comfortable eating and speaking. Ready to learn more? Read the following:

Questions and Answers About Bridges

Question: How do I know if I qualify for a dental bridge?

Answer: We will need to see you and examine your smile. During your consultation, we will evaluate your teeth and your needs, while speaking with you about your preferences. When it comes to the specific details, a dental bridge is appropriate for filling an opening of one missing tooth or up to three missing teeth in a row. This teeth replacement solution cannot address missing teeth spread across your arch or severe tooth loss.

Question: Is a bridge better than a denture?

Answer: There is no one particular solution that is either better or worse when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Every smile is unique and each person visits us with a personalized set of circumstances, such as esthetic preferences and budget. A bridge is different from other prosthetics in that it replaces only one tooth or a series of up to three teeth. It is fixed, unlike a partial denture, which is removable.

Question: How does a dental bridge fill the open space in my smile?

Answer: The bridge is made up of a row of connected dental crowns and pontics (artificial teeth). The opening in your mouth is surrounded by your natural teeth. The tooth that rests on either side of the opening is called your “anchor tooth.” We will cement the crown on either side of the bridge over each anchor tooth for support. The pontics that sit between the crowns will then fill the open space in your smile.


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