7 Simple Tips to Deal With Dry Mouth

Dry mouth causes discomfort, and when left untreated, it often leads to dental and oral health issues. The effects of dry mouth can include oral thrush, dental caries, gum disease and bad breath. The good news is that dry mouth can easily be eliminated or managed to restore oral health. To deal with dry mouth, you must deal with its trigger. This can be achieved with a number of home remedies.

Combating dry mouth

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking several glasses of water each day maintains good general health, as water hydrates the body and the mouth. A person with dry mouth should take up the habit of drinking lots of water during the course of the day.

2. Chew to stimulate saliva production

Munching on fruits and vegetables scrubs the teeth, gums and tongue. It also stimulates saliva production while nourishing the body. Chewing on sugar-free gum has the same effect, sans the nutrition.

3. Suck on candies and straws

The sucking motion of the mouth draws food, sugar, acid and bacteria away from the teeth and into the throat. It also stimulates the production of saliva. To encourage the sucking motion, a person can eat hard candy that is sugar-free. They can also get into the habit of drinking liquids with straws.

4. Breathing through the nose

To prevent dry mouth, a person should avoid breathing through their mouth. Sometimes, mouth breathing is a habit that can be corrected with time.

Chronic blockage of the airway can force a person to always breathe through the mouth. In this case, the blockage can be kept at bay with allergy and sinus medication or home remedies like warm water with honey and lemon.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is enjoyable but should be taken in moderation. Also, a person should rehydrate after drinking. And as far as mouthwash goes, do not use a mouthwash that has alcohol in it, since that will dry out the mouth.

6. Avoid caffeine

Like alcohol, caffeine dries out the mouth, so try switching to decaf. For those who need that pick-me-up in the morning, try having a big breakfast: A full breakfast makes a person alert the same way caffeine does.

Breakfast foods like blueberries and oats will fight fatigue and fill a person with energy just like caffeine, but with the added advantage of being nutritious and delicious.

7. Installing humidifiers

Breathing in dry air will result in a dry mouth. This is why it is a good idea to install humidifiers in rooms where a person spends a lot of time. In the bedroom, a humidifier will add moisture to the air that is being breathed in, which will keep the airway hydrated and prevent dry mouth.

It is just that easy

Dry mouth can be controlled or cured with a few tweaks to your daily routine. The great thing about the adjustments is that they improve the health of both the mouth and the whole body.

Also, by visiting the dentist every six months, you can have them keep tabs on your oral health and diagnose the root cause of your dry mouth.

Need a dentist?

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