Can A Dental Bridge Be Repaired

Dental BridgeIf your dental bridge is no longer in the same condition as it was when first placed in your mouth, you are likely wondering what to do next.  Dental bridges have the potential to last for upwards of a full decade or longer. The chances of a problem occurring within the first few years are low.

However, this fixed appliance has the potential to break in due time.  The question is whether we can repair the dental bridges or if a complete replacement is necessary.

Why Dental Bridges Fail

The majority of dental bridges consist of porcelain or ceramics that connect to an underlying metal frame.  Inadequate oral care can gradually cause dental bridge failure. Bacteria can move below the bridge by way of the crowns and begin to generate decay in abutment teeth.  The issue with the bridge is the breaking of the metal and a fracturing of the pontic.

In some cases, the dental bridge does not have any structural issues and simply does not fit well in the mouth.  Regardless of the cause of your dental bridge problem, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to determine how to proceed.

Is it Possible to Repair a Dental Bridge?

The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!”  Dental bridges are a highly effective means of addressing missing teeth yet they will not last forever.  Dental bridges typically last five years to a decade. If your dental bridge requires repair, the treatment will hinge on the cause of the failure.  If there is a problem with the abutment tooth, the dentist will remove the dental bridge.

Fixed bridges are cemented to such teeth so it might be necessary to break the initial bridge.  Supporting teeth will then be treated. If these teeth are still healthy, the dentist will make a replacement bridge. If it is not possible to restore the abutment teeth, the dentist will have to replace them with dental implants that support the added bridge.

Dental implants within the jaw bone can replace abutment teeth and missing teeth.  There is also the chance for the porcelain coating to chip or fracture. As long as the bridge is sound, the dentist might be able to remedy the coating.  The dentist can also repair fractured pontics to boot.

Caring for Your Repaired Bridge

Proper oral care is necessary to extend the longevity of your dental bridge.  Brush two times per day to stop the onset of cavities, decay and plaque. Some dentists encourage patients to use a special tool for flossing that cleans the area between the pontic and the gum.

However, if you suspect your dental bridge is failing, do not assume the advice for dental bridge care outlined above will remedy the underlying issue.  Meet with your dentist right away to discuss the cause of your bridge failure and repair options.

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