3 Reasons Not To Fear Tooth Replacement

thumbsupPartials and dentures and bridges, oh my! Are you finding yourself feeling somewhat anxious about the idea of replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge or other solution? The good news is that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, as with any new or unknown experience, you may find that a bit of concern begins to creep in. Allow us to offer up three compelling reasons to say goodbye to your nerves and hello to confidence as you complete your smile.

Reason #1: It’s Comfortable

Tooth replacement is a comfortable experience, so you have nothing to worry about regarding the experience itself. We will take impressions of your smile on which we will base the construction of your prosthetic. Whether a dental bridge, partial, or denture, the solutions are noninvasive.

Reason #2: You Have Options

You have options from which to choose! Fortunately, this means you will have chance to arrive at the tooth replacement selection that work best for your needs. Whether it’s a dental bridge, a partial, or a full denture, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you will attain a complete, beautiful, functional smile.

Reason #3: The Alternative Is Worrisome, Not The Treatment

Did you know that if you avoid tooth replacement, you might be looking at some surprisingly negative side effects? For instance, if you deal with tooth loss and choose not to replace your tooth, you may find yourself suffering from misaligned teeth, jaw deterioration, and a significant need for additional treatments.


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