Orthodontics – Pacoima, CA

The Power of
A Straighter Smile

There are many ways that straight teeth can benefit you. The first and most obvious, of course, is that a straighter smile is generally much more attractive. Furthermore, straight teeth don’t wear down as quickly as crooked teeth, and they’re much easier to clean; in other words, they’re better for your oral health overall. If you didn’t receive orthodontic treatment as a child, it’s not too late; get in touch with A New Smile today to discuss your options for orthodontics in Pacoima, CA.

Why Choose A New Smile for Orthodontics?

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Invisalign® Clear Braces

Patient placing Invisalign clear braces orthodontics tray

If you don’t want traditional braces, set up a consultation with us to see if you are eligible for Invisalign instead. Invisalign treatment is based on a series of clear aligners that are worn for about two weeks each. Each aligner will move the teeth slightly closer to their desired position. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is much more convenient and image-friendly; not only is it more discreet, but it also doesn’t get in the way of your favorite meals.

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