3 Reasons To Receive An Extraction

whyworldIf the idea of tooth removal sounds like something you would like to avoid, it is important that you recognize an important detail: Dental extractions are often essential to protecting and restoring your oral health. In some cases, neglecting to remove a tooth that may cause serious complications will lead to severe damage. Now that you’re starting to see that extractions are quite beneficial, we would like to offer some additional information with a few compelling reasons for tooth removal.

Reason #1: Your Wisdom Tooth Is Dangerous

If your wisdom tooth fails to develop correctly, you may have a problem on your hands. For instance, an impacted tooth will not erupt through your gum tissue, which can lead to problems like infection or cysts. A tooth that is set to erupt – on an angle – may damage nearby teeth and can promote the misalignment of your smile. As a result, we may suggest a dental extraction to protect your mouth.

Reason #2: Your Root Canal Failed

If you have received a root canal treatment (and perhaps a root canal re-treatment) but the infection in your tooth is not responding to endodontic care, we may need to remove the tooth. The good news is that a dental extraction will protect your tooth from abscessing and the infection from spreading. We may then discuss your options for tooth replacement.

Reason #3: We Cannot Save Your Damaged Tooth

If you end up with significant tooth damage – let’s say you break your tooth quite seriously – you may need us to remove that tooth. Leaving you with tiny bits of tooth tissue that do not function will lead to difficulty with hygiene, chewing, speaking, and can affect your alignment and the balance of your bite.


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