All About Endodontic Care

womanwonderingredWhen something goes wrong with the dental pulp within your tooth, you will need endodontic care. While this sounds very straight forward, you may still find yourself at a complete loss regarding what’s wrong with your tooth and why you need a specialized field of dental care to address your needs. Fortunately, we are prepared to provide you with the clarity you seek. Consider a little extra helpful advice, so requiring endodontics for improved oral health comes as no surprise.

About Your Dental Pulp

You will need endodontic care when something goes poorly with your dental pulp. This is the tissue that lines the interior part of your tooth, including your roots – the roots are the lowermost parts of your teeth that appear to branch out into your jawbone. The pulp itself keeps blood vessels safe, which provide your tooth with essential oxygen and nutrients. When the pulp is damaged in some way (this may occur due to bacteria causing an infection or trauma leading to inflammation), the pulp will require removal. Otherwise, the infection and/or inflammation will progress until an abscess develops, infection spreads, and your tooth dies.

What We Can Do

First, the most common endodontic care treatment that we may suggest is a root canal treatment. This addresses the infection and inflammation we have been discussing (by removing it and other tissues from the interior chamber of your tooth and roots. Or, for other concerns like a failed root canal, isolated trouble with the tip of your root (rather than the entire tooth), or a damaged root tip, we may suggest one of the following:

  • Root Canal Re-Treatment
  • Apicoectomy
  • Retrofill Treatment


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