All About Oral Sedation

relaxedwomantankHave you been worrying about scheduling your appointment with us because there has always been something about a trip to the dentist that makes you nervous? Perhaps it’s not dental care in general that gets you trembling a bit but there are definitely some treatments that make you feel uneasy. Whatever the case, we offer sedation dentistry, so you can feel comfortable and at ease at our practice no matter the reason for your visit. Curious about what to expect from oral sedation? Learn more for a better understanding of whether this option is suited to your needs.

What Is Oral Sedation?

This is a sedative that you will take orally – or by mouth. Rather than receiving an injection (or inhaling your medicine through a mask), you will be instructed to swallow a pill. The pill will be a tranquilizing medicine that we prescribe from a class of drugs called “sedatives.” These medicines relax your central nervous system, so you can feel nice and calm.

Why It’s Called “Conscious Sedation”

We refer to sedation as “conscious sedation” because you are not going to fall asleep while you are sedated. However, you will still experience deep relaxation, while the details that usually cause you anxiety – such as sights and sounds – no longer bother you. It’s even possible that you may forget portions of your visit once the medicine wears off, which can make it seem as though you slept through part of your appointment.

What You Can Expect

We will discuss your needs, emotions, and your health history to determine the best oral sedation option for you. You will then take a pill before your appointment, so you feel calm from the get-go. 


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