Are You Tired of Your Smile?

Are You Tired of Your Smile?Have you looked in the mirror lately, and felt a little discontent? Maybe you have become more aware of a quirk in your smile. Maybe your teeth don’t seem as white as they used to be. While adult teeth are called “permanent” teeth, that doesn’t mean they are unchanging. Trying a new haircut might make you smile, or spending money on a new wardrobe. Sometimes making a cosmetic  dentistry change to your teeth can bring back the zing to your smile. Looking in the mirror should be a pleasure, not a chore.

When Teeth are Out of Alignment

Not everyone has crooked teeth corrected in childhood. Severe tooth and jaw alignment is often addressed in childhood, as it can affect speech habits and the ability to eat comfortably. Sometimes people learn to live with minor issues, but it is never too late to bring teeth into line. Metal braces may be an option. Another orthodontic solution is clear braces, like Invisalign or ClearCorrect tooth aligning systems. With clear aligners, you will receive a series of custom designed trays. They are worn for most of every day, for about 12 months, to gradually move teeth into proper alignment.

Teeth That Don’t Match in Shape, Size or Color

Porcelain veneers are one cosmetic dentistry option if you have a single tooth, or several teeth, that seem out of place. Perhaps a damaged tooth has changed color, or your natural teeth were discolored by medication in childhood. This intrinsic color change cannot be changed with whitening, but veneers can be crafted in a shade to match the surrounding teeth. Veneers can also widen teeth slightly (to fill a gap) or make them a bit larger, if that would better fit the shape of your smile.

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