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If you live in the Eagle Rock area, you need access to a dentist you can trust. It can be difficult to find a dentist that has both the highest level of professional skill as well as an eye for beauty in cosmetic dental treatments. At A Briter Smile, we perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures, as well as general dentistry for the entire family, including children.

Our dentists have a reputation for excellence, and a large portion of our new patients come to us through a personal referral from family or friends. Why? We are very skilled at general and cosmetic dentistry, and do everything possible to make the experience of going to the dentist a positive, pain-free, and pleasant.

If you are looking for a dental office to take care of all your dental needs, A Briter Smile’s Eagle Rock Dentist office is the right choice. With its state-of-the-art facility, they will help you with all your dental needs.

General Dentistry

The day-to-day care of your teeth and gums are important, as oral health issues are capable of affecting the health of the entire body. Keeping to a standard schedule of cleanings and checkups will allow any problems to be treated before they get worse. A very small cavity is easier to treat than a cavity that has been left to develop. Your six-month checkup identifies any new problems early, so that they can be resolved with the least invasive procedure. We serve families throughout the Eagle Rock area with top quality general dentistry. We treat the entire family, from the tiniest toddler to older people.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Your children need to know the importance of caring for their teeth. Our pediatric dental services are geared to help children develop the best dental habits. We make their experience at our dental office fun and enjoyable, and our parents report that their children actually look forward to coming to our offices. It takes special skills to treat children, and we love to help the little people. Do you have a toddler?

The American Dental Association advises that the first appointment should be set within six months from when the first tooth arrives. You want to maintain those precious baby teeth, and avoid any problems such as cavities or discoloration, and evaluate the potential for future issues in alignment. We treat children in a manner that makes them comfortable – we make friends. Make our office the home base for preventative dental care that will keep them healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Eagle Rock

Our dental office offers patients throughout Eagle Rock the most advanced cosmetic dental treatments, including dental implants, teeth whitening, Invisalign and ClearCorrect braces, veneers, and natural appearing dentures and bridges. Ready to get a new smile? We can help, no matter what problem you are trying to solve. If you want to repair unevenly spaced teeth, oddly-shaped teeth, alignment problems, overbite, underbite, or discolored teeth, we do it all. Get the smile you always wanted – we can help.

Orthodontics (Braces)

At A Briter Smile, we are firm believers in the effectiveness of Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners, rather than metal braces. These aligners are custom created for each patient, and far more comfortable – in fact, no one will even know you are wearing them, as they are virtually invisible. Time to eat or drink? Simply take off the aligner, eat normally, brush, and replace the aligner. Your teeth are slowly shifted into position with a set of aligners, custom created to address the dental issues that need to be resolved.


Our dentist is skilled in periodontal treatments, including, including non-surgical treatments, gum graft surgery, regenerative processes to restore oral health, dental crowns, replacement crowns, implants, and surgical procedures to address dental or oral health issues.


The word “endo” means “inside” and “ontics” means teeth. An endodontic treatment is one that addresses the interior of the tooth, called the pulp. When a tooth has been damaged due to decay, a root canal may be necessary, which removes the pulp and replaces it with a stable, safe dental material. We practice this branch of the dental arts right in our office, and can help you with any endodontic procedure.

Dental Implants

When a tooth has been lost or extracted, it can leave you very unhappy with your appearance. A dental implant is the permanent solution – a completely new tooth that appears natural, and functions exactly like a natural tooth. Interested in getting a dental implant? Come and see us and let us evaluate your problem, and help you determine if a dental implant is right for you. This treatment can give you a new tooth that last for decades, or your entire lifetime.

Dental Emergencies

If you have an urgent dental emergency, we can help. A broken or chipped tooth or crown, toothache, or other dental issue should be treated as quickly and effectively as possible. Find out about our emergency dental treatments, and how to get an appointment with us fast.

Sedation Dentistry

Worried about getting dental treatment? We offer sedation dentistry so that you do not experience any discomfort. Although we practice gentle dentistry, and offer the most advanced, painless treatments, some patients prefer to have the work done under sedation, and we offer this service.

Dental Insurance and Financing Options

We are here to help you get the treatment you need, and take a wide range of dental insurance plans, including Aetna, Guardian, Premier Access, Assurant/DHA, Delta Dental, Metlife, and most other dental insurance plans. We also offer easy payment and financing options so you can get the dental treatment you need.

Eagle Rock Dentist: Everything Your Family Needs in Gentle Dental Care

At A Briter Smile on York Blvd, we provide a wide range of dental services to the community, and we invite you to come and see some of the best dentist Eagle Rock has to offer. We think you will be happy to discover a local dentist that can provide every service that you need, all performed with the highest level of professionalism, and at affordable rates. Call now.

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