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At A New Smile, we provide comprehensive dental care and services, in a friendly, warm environment. We cater to each of our patients, including toddlers, children, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and older persons. Every patient has unique needs. You may be seeking a cosmetic procedure to create a more appealing, brilliant smile, or have a dental problem you need to solve. Our range of services means any procedure a dental patient may need is right here at our San Fernando Valley dental office.

General Dentistry for the Entire Family

We provide all of the general dentistry services you need for yourself or your family, including cleanings, checkups, porcelain fillings, crowns, and even sleep apnea solutions.

Pediatric Dentist in the San Fernando Valley

The American Dental Association advises parents that a child’s first dental appointment should occur at during the period between the arrival of the first tooth, and the first birthday. Your toddler will become familiar with going to the dentist, and that it can be a positive experience. We create a safe, friendly, comfortable environment for our younger patients, and are trained in all of the latest dental techniques for children. We provide early wellness checks, fluoride treatments and dental sealants to protect both baby teeth and permanent teeth as they arrive, and create mouth guards for young athletes.

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Endodontic Treatments

The field of endodontics is the branch of the dental arts focused upon the interior of the tooth, or pulp. We provide root canal treatment, re-treatment for any failed or older root canal, or specialized procedures such as apicoectomy (removal of the tooth’s root tip, which is then filled with biocompatible material), laser debridement (root scaling), and regenerative processes for greater tooth longevity.


Some patients may need planing or modern laser debriding (deep cleaning). We offer a range of periodontics treatments at our office in the San Fernando Valley. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong is important for your overall health, as well as keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime. We identify the warning signs of gum disease and address it with an appropriate treatment.

San Fernando Valley Oral Surgeon

Our oral surgeon can assist with wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting procedures, periodontal treatments such as scaling and root planing, and the placement of natural looking, permanent dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentist

Our professionals are capable of a wide range of procedures, including cosmetic treatments. For teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign and ClearCorrect tooth aligners (rather than braces) and natural-looking bridges and dentures, we literally do it all. Dreaming of having a gorgeous, bright smile? We can help.

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At A New Smile, we believe that our patients deserve the most effective and comfortable orthodontic treatments. We use both Invisalign and ClearCorrect clear aligners. These invisible tooth aligners are exceptionally effective, and custom made for you. They slowly shift teeth into the correct position, handling misalignments, gaps, and other issues such as overbite and underbite. Interested in clear braces? Talk to us.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the permanent solution for missing teeth. They function and appear exactly like your natural teeth, and last for decades. If you have a gap in your smile, or a missing back tooth, or are interested in finding out about multiple tooth replacements, we do it all.

Sedation Dentistry

If you have anxiety about dental treatment, we understand. Although we practice gentle dentistry techniques, and keep patient comfort at the forefront of any treatment, we also offer sedation dentistry for those who are anxious or concerned about pain.

Dental Emergencies

If you have an urgent dental emergency, call our San Fernando Valley office. A broken, chipped tooth or crown, a toothache, or other dental problem should be resolved fast. Find out about our emergency dental appointments.

Modern Dentistry at Affordable Prices

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with modern dentistry at affordable prices. Our offices are clean and bright, and our entire team is focused on patient care and service. We practice gentle dental care, and always ensure our patients are pain-free and comfortable. If you have any fears about dental procedures, we are licensed to administer oral sedation so you are free from anxiety. As you get to know us, you may find that your fears disappear, and that you can trust us to make your dental appointment comfortable. Is it time to find a dentist in the San Fernando Valley that you can completely trust? Call us to set an appointment for a free consultation, and see the difference for yourself.

The Art of Dentistry

Dentists practice what is termed “the dental arts” – and dental procedures should be performed with artistry and skill. Not all practitioners of this art are equally talented, and we are proud of the impressive abilities of our dentists, and their professional skills. Anytime you have a dentist work on your teeth, their abilities truly matter with regard to the outcome. From a porcelain filling that perfectly matches your teeth, to root canal procedures, to cosmetic enhancements for your smile, our dental team is exceptionally talented and professional. If you are looking for one of the best dentist San Fernando has to offer, we think you will find what you need at A New Smile.

Dental Insurance and Financing Options

Our staff will help you with dental insurance questions. We take a wide range of dental insurance plans, including Aetna, Guardian, Premier Access, Assurant/DHA, Delta Dental, Metlife, and many, many other plans. We also have payment and financing options that could benefit you and allow you to get the treatment you need.

How to Choose the Right Dentist

There are several points to evaluate when looking for a dentist. You want a dental office that has a good reputation. You also want to ensure that the most modern techniques are used, as these are more effective, less painful, and more long lasting. You want everything you could need to be available, including any periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dental care and the cosmetic treatments, and at affordable prices. At A New Smile, we invite you to meet with one of our San Fernando dentist for a free consultation. You will be able to experience our friendly, caring staff, the bright and inviting environment, and the overall professionalism that we provide to patients of all ages.

Call today to make an appointment at our San Fernando Valley dental office – you’ll be glad you did.

A New Smile Dental Group

Here at A New Smile Dental Group, we strive to offer each patient individual care and access to the highest-quality of modern dentistry at an affordable price. Learn more about our three locations by visiting our Areas We Serve page and schedule a consultation to start your journey for a beautiful new smile.