Crowns: Are They Restorative Or Cosmetic?

questionmarkblueAh yes, the age-old question: Is a dental crown considered restorative or is it considered cosmetic? Actually – when it is crafted out of beautiful, lifelike material, it may be considered both. To clarify how this works, we would like you to focus on the purpose of the crown you are about to receive and then reflect on the way it will function within your smile. With a bit of clarification from us, you will quickly understand just what makes this treatment so versatile.

A Crown Is Restorative In Nature

When we place a dental crown to repair your damaged tooth with the intention of improving your oral health, the crown is offering restorative characteristics. The placement of the crown is “restoring” your oral health, making your tooth whole again and allowing you to regain your function. If we were to place a metal crown that looked unsightly, the treatment would still offer just as many restorative properties – it would simply lack any cosmetic value.

So, How Is A Crown Cosmetic?

Here’s when your dental crown becomes cosmetic in nature: When we offer you a porcelain or zirconia crown, rather than metal. We can customize the color of these materials, which offer a surprisingly natural finish – your restored tooth will look like a real tooth. If you are receiving one of these crowns because your oral health is in need (perhaps you just received root canal treatment of you have a severe cavity), then it is offering both restorative and cosmetic benefits.

However, if you select a porcelain or zirconia crown solely to cover significant esthetic concerns, the crown is strictly providing you with cosmetic improvement – this typically only occurs when veneers cannot cover up esthetic blemishes satisfactorily.


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