Dental Implants 101

smileblondebobYou may know that we provide implant surgery but do you have a clear understanding of dental implants? While this prosthetic solution to missing teeth is a wonderful option for truly restoring your oral health and beauty, we encourage you to become more familiar with this multi-faceted solution. By becoming more knowledgeable, you will improve your ability to make an informed, confident decision when it comes to saying, “yes” to prosthetics and achieving the complete smile you deserve. Look over the following explanations for a bit more insight:

About Implant Posts

You may hear people use the term “dental implants” to refer to entire tooth replacements, from root to tip. However, this term is actually defined as the titanium post inserted surgically into your jawbone to replace your missing roots. The visible portion of your tooth is called a “restoration” and will sit on top of an “abutment” or connector piece. Because placement will require a healthy jawbone and surgery, we will need to determine your health status and the strength and density of your jawbone before your qualify as a candidate.

After Surgery

After we place your dental implants, you will require a brief recovery time and then a lengthier healing process. Over the course of approximately four months, the titanium posts will fuse or bond directly to your jawbone tissue. This process is called “osseointegration.” Once the posts fuse to the bone, your root replacements are considered stable and ready to be restored.

How We “Restore” Implants

Restoring your implant posts simply means we are placing the visible part of your tooth replacement, which will restore the aesthetic value as well as the function of your missing tooth. For individual implants, the traditional restoration includes the use of a single, custom-fitted dental crown. However, in some cases, we may strategically place dental implants throughout your mouth to support prosthetics replacing multiple teeth. This may include implant-supported partial or full dentures.


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