Do You Need Oral Surgery?

oralsrgDo you need oral surgery? If so, what type? Yes, there are different reasons you may need oral surgery and the reason, of course, will determine the type of surgery. In many cases your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon, but at A New Smile we offer surgical procedures right at our own practice. This saves you the referral time, and traveling to a new practice you are unfamiliar with. If you need an oral surgical procedure, we are ready to take care of you right here. We offer sedation options to make sure you are calm and comfortable throughout. So…do you need oral surgery?

Types of Oral Surgeries 

Tooth Extractions: Tooth extractions may not seem like oral surgical procedures but they are. At A New Smile we provide comfort and efficiency when extracting any tooth, including wisdom teeth. Tooth extraction is a routine procedure done every day. When performed by an experienced dentist tooth extractions are quick and easy.

Implant Placement: Some general dentists are specially trained to perform implant placements which consist of a complex surgical procedure. Implant placements are a dental treatment used to permanently replace one or more missing teeth. The procedure consists of surgically placing a titanium post into your jawbone to act as the root of the new tooth restoration. Our dentists’ provide precision placement and esthetic restorations.

Gum Surgery: Gum surgery can be done for two reasons: to reinstate your gums back to health when suffering from periodontal disease, or to raise your gumline to lengthen your teeth or improve a gummy smile.

  • Bone Replacement Surgery: Osseous surgery or bone grafting, reinstates the strength and density of your jawbone due to the disintegration or atrophy from tooth loss and/or periodontal disease.


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