Do You Need Periodontics?

questionmarkyellowDo you know if you need periodontal care for your smile? We offer this specialized dental care when something is going poorly with your periodontal health (or your gum health). While you may feel a bit alarmed at the idea of requiring periodontics, it’s nothing to stress over. Fortunately, receiving the appropriate treatment as soon as possible will allow your gum tissue to heal, so you can regain your comfort, the beauty of your smile, and your oral health. Learn more about whether your gum health needs some attention.

Do Your Gums Look Unhealthy?

Have you noticed that something has changed when it comes to your gum health? If so, schedule a visit with us immediately. After diagnosing the problem, we can provide the appropriate periodontal care treatment to improve your oral health. Not sure how to determine if you’re seeing a symptom of a gum issue? Common signs include tender gums, inflamed gum tissue, purple or red gums (they should look pink), uncomfortable chewing, and chronic bad breath.

Have You Been Seeing Us Every Six Months?

Unfortunately, even if your gums look healthy and all seems well, gingivitis may still be underway. This – the first stage of gum disease – is something we can treat, reverse, and cure with periodontal care. However, you might not know you need treatment because gingivitis may occur without symptoms. To avoid this mishap, we suggest you keep up with twice-annual preventive care visits. We will identify gum health issues often long before you notice them. You may then receive immediate treatment before your gum health rapidly declines.


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