Endodontic Care 101

womanquestionexclamationFinding out that you require endodontic care to address your dental health problems can feel a bit overwhelming. First, the term “endodontics” may be completely foreign to you. In addition, while you trust our diagnoses and treatment suggestions, most patients feel much more comfortable and confident about upcoming visits when they feel knowledgeable about what to expect (and why). To begin, endodontics is the field of dentistry that specializes in treating your dental pulp, which is the tissue lining the internal body and roots of your tooth. Ready for more details? Consider the following:

Why You Need Specialized Care

You require endodontic care because something is wrong with your dental pulp. The pulp houses the vessels that provide your tooth with blood carrying nutrients and oxygen. Unfortunately, the pulp cannot restore itself, so you have two options: We can remove your tooth or we can remove the pulp. Extracting your tooth when it is unnecessary is just that – unnecessary. Our goal in dentistry is always to save your natural tooth. The good news is that we can remove the pulp to save your tooth from infection or serious damage, so it can remain in place in your smile.

Your Treatment Options

We offer treatments for newly damaged or infected pulp, a tooth free of dental pulp that has already been treated with a root canal but that has healed improperly, and also for teeth that suffer damage to their root tips (your root – or root canals – make up the lowermost portion of your teeth, which are difficult areas to access). We provide root canal treatment for newly infected or damaged pulp. A re-treatment addresses a failed root canal treatment. As for the tip of your root, we provide apicoectomies, which allow us to extract the tip and re-seal your tooth.


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