Improving Your Oral Health with Restorative Dentistry

smilenudelipscloseupEven if you take wonderful care of your teeth, problems occur that may physically damage your teeth and compromise your oral health. When you are in need of improvement to protect your smile’s wellbeing, rely on the many benefits of restorative dentistry. Not quite sure what you can expect from this service? This field of dentistry concentrates on restoring the structure and health of your smile, so you can enjoy the smile and function you initially enjoyed before the problem occurred. Still looking for details regarding what types of treatments you can expect? Look no further than the following explanations:

Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay

Do you have a cavity? Fortunately, we offer beautiful tooth-colored fillings. This restorative dentistry treatment provides two primary functions. First, it targets the decayed tissue, removing it from your tooth while prepping the opening. Next, we will fill the opening with composite that has been color-matched to the surrounding tooth to restore your tooth’s health, structure, beauty, and ability to function fully and comfortably.

Protect and Cover Damaged Teeth

Teeth suffer injury and become vulnerable to a further decline in health as the result of many factors. For instance, if you break a tooth but it is still healthy enough for us to restore, we may provide restorative care. Or, if your tooth becomes infected and you require a root canal – after your procedure, your tooth will likely require protection. We can accomplish this with beautiful zirconia dental crowns, or hollow prosthetic teeth that we place permanently over your natural tooth.

Restore Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Missing a tooth or many teeth in a row? If so, we may provide you with a dental bridge. This dental prosthetic includes dental crowns on either end, between which rests one or a series of artificial teeth called pontics. By placing the crowns over your natural remaining teeth, we will complete the opening in your smile with this fixed device that we will color-match to blend with your surrounding smile.


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