Q&A: Understanding Cavities


Q&A Understanding CavitiesIf you know anything about cavities, you know that the restorative treatment we suggest to repair your cavity is usually a dental filling. What you may not know so much about, however, is the mystery behind how tooth decay begins, whether there’s anything you can do to stop a cavity once it starts to form, or if a filling will always suffice. Allow us to answer some questions frequently brought up about decay during dental visits, so you better understand how things work.

Questions and Answers About Cavities

Question: Is there anything I can do about a cavity right as it begins to form? Will you need to provide a dental filling for tooth decay even in the very beginning stage?

Answer: You may be able to reverse the early stages with fluoride treatment. We will assist you with suggestions if we discover early tooth decay during your checkup.

Question: What makes a cavity form?

Answer: Tooth decay occurs when the environment within your mouth becomes acidic. The acid “attacks” your teeth, which strips them of their minerals that make up your outermost tissue layer called enamel. Enough stripping away of minerals leads to a hole (or cavity). Bacteria emit the acids as they digest food debris that they eat from within your mouth. Therefore, avoiding the food that bacteria like (such as sugars and carbohydrates) and keeping up with brushing and flossing is essential in prevention.

Question: What happens if my cavity is extremely severe or large – will you always be able to fix my tooth with a dental filling?

Answer: No, sometimes the cavity has compromised the health and structure of your tooth. As a result, you may require a dental crown instead. 


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