Sleep Apnea Symptoms

sleepapneablondehappyHave you heard the term “sleep apnea” but you’re not sure what to make of it? Has someone close to you mentioned that you seem like you may be suffering from this sleep disorder but you have always assumed you are simply a loud, chronic snorer? If so, it could be to your benefit to schedule a consultation to speak with us. If you require help, sleep apnea treatment will quickly alleviate common symptoms, while inhibiting serious long-term effects. Wondering what those common symptoms include? We are happy to provide the details.

Waking At Night/Choking

Sleep apnea happens when your throat muscles cave in on one another, causing you to stop breathing. Your brain will stop receiving oxygen, which causes it to alert your body to wake up. When you wake, you might gasp for air or make a choking sound.

Feeling Fatigued

The less sleep you get, the more tired you will become. Night after night of interrupted sleep will lead to serious exhaustion.

Moodiness and Depression

What might start out as significant mood swings that others notice may develop into a feeling of depression. Your brain and body need adequate, uninterrupted rest each night, which you may regain by seeking sleep apnea treatment.

Trouble Focusing

As you know, missing sleep will result in difficulty concentrating. This becomes worse and worse as you continue to miss out on sleep on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, if you choose not to seek sleep apnea treatment, trouble focusing can affect your social life, work life, and more.

Headaches and Sore Throat

Headaches and sore throat (often in the morning) occur because you have not gotten solid sleep, your brain has been going for periods without oxygen, and you have been snoring and choking throughout the night.


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