Will I Adjust To Orthodontic Care?

Will I Adjust to Orthodontic Care?One of the biggest concerns we receive from patients about orthodontic care centers on the adjustment period. In some instances, patients are worried that though our clear aligner tray systems are known for their comfort, they may still result in unwanted side effects. Allow us to speak to potential issues, what you can expect, and why you don’t need to worry. Remember, addressing your misalignment is always a good decision because it promotes improved oral health.

About The Initial Adjustment

As you begin your orthodontic care treatment with the use of clear aligner trays, you will notice you are almost always aware that they are in your mouth. Speaking will feel strange and uncomfortable. Your instinct may be to take them out of your mouth. Good news: Like anything else (such as receiving a dental crown), this new material will first be a bit distracting. However, you will adapt and adjust quite quickly. Before you know it, you will find yourself forgetting that your trays are in and your articulate speech will return to its usual state.

About The Long-Term Adjustment

It’s a well-known fact that shifting your teeth into alignment can come with a bit of discomfort. Fortunately, the soreness is minimal, tolerable, and will lead to a beautifully aligned smile. Feeling sore will not last long – it typically occurs when you change to your next set of trays. To keep your smile comfortable during your orthodontic care, we suggest taking over-the-counter pain relievers. You may also rely on cold compresses and you should remember to avoid hard foods when your teeth feel sore.


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