Are Same Day Dental Procedures Effective?

Same-day dental treatments can save us from the inconvenience of multiple dental procedures. It makes you wonder why same-day procedures are not the norm. Is it better to have a dental treatment spread out over several procedures? Or is it that same-day dental treatments have not caught on yet? Let us find out by looking at how different kinds of same-day dental treatments work.

Same-day dental veneers

Traditionally, fitting dental veneers takes at least two visits with the dentist. However, thanks to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) technologies like CEREC, veneers can be fitted in one visit.

Using an in-mouth camera, the dentist takes images of the teeth and uses them to design the veneers. A milling system controlled by the CAD/CAM software uses the dentist's design to fabricate the veneers. It works somewhat like a 3D printer.

While the veneers are fabricated, the dentist prepares the surface of the teeth to accommodate the veneers. Later, when the veneers are ready, the dentist fits them onto the teeth.

Similarities and differences between same-day and traditional veneers

1. There is no difference in the quality of work between traditional and same-day veneers. Both types of veneers are equally durable if done by a skilled dentist.

2. In fact, an added benefit of same-day veneers is that the dentist is able to match the porcelain to the color of the patient's teeth.

3. For both kinds of veneers, the patient should have healthy teeth. That means no tooth decay or gum disease.

Same-day crowns

Traditionally, it takes two visits to the dentist to fit a crown, and the patient leaves the first session with a temporary crown. Temporary crowns can be a pain. They sometimes fit wrong and can come loose before the second visit.

That is why same-day crowns are a lifesaver. The dentist designs and fabricates the crown using CAD/CAM technology. While the milling machine makes the dental crown, the dentist prepares the tooth for the fitting of the crown. When ready, the fabricated crown is fitted onto the tooth.

There are benefits to getting same-day crowns:

  • The patient avoids the risk of a temporary crown coming loose
  • A crown made with CAD/CAM technology is more accurate than one made from a dental mold made of putty
  • Same-day treatment saves time

Are same-day dental treatments the future of dentistry?

It seems like it, for the most part. Especially for people who are healthy enough to have a dental procedure done in one sitting. Advances in CAD/CAM technology allow the dentist to design and fabricate a tooth restoration while you wait.

Still, we should keep in mind that same-day tooth restorations need extra care on the part of the patient since the teeth and gums can become sore from having all the work done at once. If you need your tooth fixed fast, visit a skilled dentist and find out if you qualify for a same-day dental treatment.

What are you waiting for?

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