Periodontal Disease Treatment – Pacoima, CA

Corrective Treatment
for Infected Gums

It’s estimated that nearly half of adults in the United States have gum disease, but many don’t even realize it. While gum disease only causes mild symptoms such as swelling and bleeding early on, once it reaches its advanced stages it can lead to destruction of your gums, loss of your teeth, weakening of your jawbone, and an increased risk of systemic health issues such as heart attacks. If you have concerns about the health of your gums, call A New Smile today to set up an appointment for periodontal disease treatment in Pacoima, CA with Dr. Ramtin.

Why Choose A New Smile for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

  • State-of-the-Art KaVo®
    Soft Tissue Laser
  • Non-Invasive
    Antibiotic Treatments
  • High-Quality Dentistry and Great Customer Service

Scaling &
Root Planing

Animated smile during scaling and root planing periodontal therapy

Plaque forms on your teeth and gums when bacteria consume sugars from food and emit acid, which can eventually lead to gum disease. Scaling is the systematic removal of plaque and damaged tissue around and below your gum line. Once the cleaning is done, we’ll perform a root planing procedure that smooths out the roots of the teeth to prevent future buildups of plaque and to encourage the reattachment of gum tissue.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Animated smile during laser periodontal therapy

We have incorporated the latest technology into our dental office so that we can perform even more effective gum disease treatments. Dental lasers are useful for eradicating harmful oral bacteria and removing infected gum tissue as needed. Compared to traditional dental instruments, dental lasers are very gentle and cause little bleeding or discomfort; they also generally shorten recovery time. Our state-of-the-art KaVo laser is especially effective when it comes to performing comfortable and low-stress periodontal treatments.

Perio Protect Antibiotic Therapy

Perio protect antibiotic therapy application appliance

Antibiotics are often prescribed after scaling and root planing in order to continue fighting gum disease. The Perio Protect Method™ involves customized trays designed to hold a small amount of prescription medicine. Each day, you will fill the trays and wear them for a matter of minutes. The tray will hold the antibiotic at the site of the infection below the gum line, where it will do the most good. Thanks to Perio Protect, you’ll have a way to continue fighting against the hard-to-reach bacteria contributing to gum disease.