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What Should I Do About a Lost Dental Filling?

December 4, 2021

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If you’re on the beach and you see a tsunami on the horizon, try not to panic. Yeah right, good luck with that.

In a less dramatic situation, if you are ever faced with a dental emergency, do your best to remain calm. It’s ideal to develop a plan of action ahead of time, which will help you keep a cool head. If you find yourself dealing with a lost dental filling, for example, here are tips from your emergency dentist in Pacoima about what you should do.


What Can I Do to Avoid a Dental Emergency?

November 4, 2021

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Imagine being able to avoid an emergency situation but not taking the necessary steps to do so. While human nature might lead you to take your health for granted until something goes wrong, adopting a preventive approach in life is the way to go.

The better informed you are about what could happen, the greater your chances of not having to deal with that adversity will be. Here are six tips from an experienced dentist so you don’t have to endure a dental emergency in Pacoima.